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08 Sep 2014, 23:35
How does the Video Quality Look on a PC to TV converter Box thruogh S video to the tv?I have a HD TV that only has Component, Composite, S-Video and im not sure but i think it also has an HDMI port. My graphics card has an S-video Out to TV on it. I have used it but the picture looks blurry and makes it hard to read text from far away and the TV is a big screen (huge). I wanna know if a PC to TV converter Would make the picture quality look any better thruogh S video since its a Converter Made Specifically for converting VGA to S-video (or composite). Does anyone have one of these and does it look any better?AND i know S video is not meant for a super HIGH DEF picture, i just want a Decent picture that i can read the text surf the net and watch movies from my pc and maybe play games without having to squint to read the Shaky and Blurry text. In other words I want the BEST picture thruogh S video Since its my only option (VGA to Component converter boxes are very Pricey and i do not wanna spend 100$ for one)EMPHASIS ON I DONT WANNA SPEND 100$ or MORE ON A VGA TO COMPONENT CONVERTER BOX
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