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08 Sep 2014, 22:40
Hi DavidCool pups! Sorry you didn't get the job!!Wife was also watching and asked what Breed Cami is?Not had a dog in awihle as wife and I travel to much to have one. We've had 2 since we been married and boy how different they were.The first was a male beagle. This dog we came to call the demon dog. I swear this dog was possessed. We even took it too a dog trainer and even she could not get this dog under control. She even suggested we try one of those spiked collars and this had the weirdest effect. Without it he was totally uncontrollable but the second you put this collar on him he would lay down and be practically lifeless HA HA. During training he even bit the trainer. we finally had to come to the conclusion that he needed a different home style so we found a home for him where he had lots of land to run on and such.The second was also a beagle but this time female and she was just the opposite of the male. Well behaved and gentle and loving much like Cami. Never had a problem with her at all. Once we started to travel though we realized wasn't right for her to always be in a kennel despite us having a good kennel for her to stay at while we traveled so we found a good home for her with kids and such that could love her and such.And now here in NYC our place is just to small. Crowded enough with just the wife and I, always bumping into each other HA HA.Thanks enjoyed watching!!Dave
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